‚ÄčRaising a Racquet for Health and Fitness!

 AASSTC  is open to seniors age 60 and over who want to share their love of tennis with others.

Within the few years of its existence, AASSTC has grown from a small acorn to the equivalent of a strong oak tree. We have become a club as well recognized for its volunteer spirit as for its innovative tennis programs.

AASSTC conducts a number of "signature" events that involve club members, other senior tennis enthusiasts, friends and youth interested in tennis. Check out our Calendar of Events tab. 

17th Annual Sport of a Lifetime Luncheon
April 22, 2019

AASSTC Holiday Party  (and Chili Contest)

Tennis keeps these seniors on their toes.
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Intergenerational Senior/Adult & Junior
Tennis Doubles Play Day

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 2018 Arthur Ashe Kids Day 

 16th Annual Sport of a Lifetime Luncheon 

 2018 Annual Picnic 

 2018 Last Event Flyer  


Media Flash!!
6th Annual Team Tennis Season

Media Flash 6

Media Flash 5

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2018 Team Tennis Tournament 
Final Games

Team Tennis-Round 5
July 18, 2018

Team Tennis-Round 4
July 18, 2018

Team Tennis-Round 3
July 3, 2018